My favorite Trumpster

One of the sad things about the rise of Trump is how I’ve lost respect for so many people I once admired, because they decided to throw their weight behind a person hopelessly unqualified to be President of the United States. In some cases, it’s like they’ve turned into completely different people.

Take John Nolte of Breitbart, for example. I often disagreed with him, but thought he seemed like a pretty decent guy – with a near-encyclopedic knowledge of classic film to boot. After a year on the Trump train, it’s hard to tell John Nolte from the Rifftrax parody of Nick Nolte.

But there is one Trump supporter for whom I’ve actually developed legitimate affection since Trump became the Republican nominee for President.  And here’s what he tweeted after unscientific online polls showed Trump “winning” a televised debate in which he was absolutely humiliated:

I majored in political science, so I know this is hopelessly, insanely wrong.  But Mitchell doubled down and has continued to rail against scientific polling – and common sense – ever since:



Why am I saying nice things about Bill Mitchell?  First of all, the unintentional comedy value of his twitter feed is off the charts.  Even Yoko Ono doesn’t come close.

More importantly, I’ll at least give Mitchell some credit for at least believing what he writes about his hero Trump.  I wondered if he was running some kind of parody account, but now I’m sure no one could stay committed to a bit for this long.

In my mind, that puts him a step above Republican politicians and conservative  commentators who know Donald Trump is erratic, uninformed, nasty and downright dangerous, but nonetheless back him for the most powerful job in the world.

Look at Ted Cruz, who bravely stood up to Trump at the convention only to sheepishly endorse him – in a Facebook post – when it momentarily looked like Trump could win.  Look at Paul Ryan, who has spent the last few years trying to expand the Republican base only to line up behind this white-nationalist thug.  Look at Hugh Hewitt, who backs Trump because of the Supreme Court, as though Trump could be trusted to live up to his word about Supreme Court nominations any more than he lives up to contracts with small business owners.

Heck, look at Trump himself, who has registered as a Democrat in the past, donated to Democratic candidates and once plugged gun control and single-payer health care.  Does he really believe what he’s been ranting and raving about in his campaign speeches?  Who knows?

If you must be an extremist, I’d at least prefer that you be a real extremist, not someone cynically play-acting at it for political gain.  If nothing else, Bill Mitchell seems to be honest about the insane things he says.  You can’t even give Trump or most of his high-profile supporters that much.

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