The Nazis know

I’m often skeptical when those on the left accuse conservative politicians of using “dog whistle” rhetoric to appeal to racist, extreme-right supporters.  It can be, and often is, a non-falsifiable smear.

But President Trump’s disgraceful, amoral, mealy-mouthed “condemnation” of yesterday’s violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, leaves no room for doubt when you read the neo-Nazi Daily Stormer’s grateful response:


I despise the “Antifa” movement, which promotes – often violently – its own brand of authoritarianism.  But the radical right actually has connections to the most powerful person on Earth.  Right now, that should be everyone’s top priority.

The founder of The Daily Stormer, interestingly, is bravely running away from a lawsuit launched by woman he encouraged his followers to harass:

Now Gersh is taking on the man who started it all. In a federal lawsuit filed in April, Gersh accuses Andrew Anglin, who publishes the neo-Nazi Daily Stormer website, of invading her privacy, intentionally inflicting emotional distress and violating Montana’s Anti-Intimidation Act by organizing more than 700 instances of harassment since December 2016. The Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights group, is representing Gersh.


How the case will turn out remains to be seen, in part because SPLC lawyers can’t find Anglin. Dinielli, Gersh’s lawyer, said his team hasn’t been able to serve Anglin and he hasn’t stepped forward to receive the complaint. A November 2016 article in HuffPost said Anglin “appeared” to be in Berlin, while other reports have placed him in Russia and Ohio. This week, CNN reported that Anglin said he now lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

Instead of staying, fighting and litigating the potentially important freedom-of-expression issues raised by this lawsuit, the brave neo-Nazi hero scampers away and hides like a cockroach.  It’s so, so perfect.

One thought on “The Nazis know

  1. Kenneth Slayor says:

    I understand your posits. You and I agree that the far right and the left generally are skewed. I question how they got that way. I also recognize that denunciation and condemnation will not aid in reconciliation and unification.

    Liberation cannot come by turning those claiming to be oppressed into the new oppressors. Liberation cannot come by continuing systematic education in models and polarities which cause the various factions to be imprisoned in self-fulfilling prophecies.

    I grew up in a liberal family. My German-Irish father belonged to a Black Key club in 1963 and my mother’s father was an “Indian Half-breed” who became a system design inspection engineer on the Apollo projects with a 10th grade education. The church I grew up in was hated for its abolitionist views, and there was an open execution order on all members of my faith, and related faiths, for 137 years. It was rescinded when I was nine. My first encounter with a need to critique the Left’s position was in college where I went to the financial aid office to apply for grants and scholarships beyond the Pell Grant and was informed directly that I need not bother to apply because I was not black, female, or a single mother with children. In deed, I was told that I could not apply. Once I graduated I encountered Job interview after interview where I was considered either too liberal because of the college from which I graduated, or I was accused of bizarre things such as: Any man who has a beard is obviously a rapist (states the female interviewer). When I called EEOC with a list of things which according to my education and training (both in and outside of the military) were violations, I was informed (by the minority at the other end of the line) that because I am a white male I could not be subject to discrimination.

    So, what exactly is my point? The Left is responsible for recruiting for the Right and especially the radical far right. They have been unconcerned about justice for individuals and through identity politics have affected some individuals so unjustly and so unfairly that they have breathed new life into a bogey man that was fading away. One of the meme’s I have made, in reaction to being active on Facebook, states: Three groups least affected by facts in their position are Anti-theists, Feminists, and Fundamentalists.

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