Just because you can doesn’t mean you should

Lindsay Shepherd’s treatment by her university was absolutely appalling, and it is disgusting to see unhinged Mao-lings forcibly shutting down speakers who may challenge some of the deeply held beliefs they discovered this week.

Having said that…wow, this is a horrible, credibility-shattering idea:

Goldy was fired from Rebel Media for espousing her extremist views on an actual neo-Nazi podcast:

It is hard to resolve, for example, Levant’s rejection of racism with Goldy’s appearance on the Krypto Report, a podcast produced by the Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi outlet that advocates genocide.

In it, she said she “salutes” the white supremacists for showing up to Charlottesville “in hordes,” then she clarified with a laugh: “Not a Roman salute, guys,” a reference to the stiff armed Nazi salute.

Just because lefties call everyone who disagrees with them a fascist doesn’t mean some people aren’t actually fascists. I would oppose official or angry-mob attempts to shut down the speech, but that certainly doesn’t make it a responsible idea. Supporting someone’s freedom of expression doesn’t mean you’re obligated to give that person a platform.

I’m reminded of the time PJ O’Rourke visited his alma mater and the student paper was debating whether to run an ad by a Holocaust denier. Some said publishing it would be an endorsement of racism, while others felt that not doing so would be censorship. O’Rourke wrote, “it never occurred to anyone to just throw it out because it’s a piece of shit.”

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