In the end, I couldn’t quit twitter


Time sink.  Outrage factory.  An online barroom brawl where everyone screams at each other and tries to get people fired from their jobs.  A sign of civilizational collapse.

Twitter is all of these things, and more.  And that’s why I gave it up for a few weeks.  I got more reading done.  I wrote more blog posts.  I concentrated on my work.  I even got to observe so much about the world I’d never noticed before.  (For example, did you know I have two kids?)

But after a while, it felt like this:


Like it or not, especially with you-know-who in the White House, Twitter seems to be the way everyone talks to each other now.  There were too many great Twitter accounts I found myself missing.  And while this blog is more active than it’s been in years, it seems silly to ignore an app that will let me share new postings with thousands hundreds dozens of followers.

Everyone should take a social media break now and then, but now I’m back at @damianpenny.  Can I use this in moderation?  Time to find out.

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