Where to buy your weed

Cannabis will be sold legally in NSLC stores starting at 12:01AM on Wednesday.  I never thought I’d see the day.  And I’ll give credit where it’s due: after Justin Trudeau’s Liberals were elected I said marijuana legalization was probably the only thing I agreed with them about, and the Dauphin actually kept his promise.  (Supporters of electoral reform weren’t so lucky.)

Of course they won’t have a full supply ready for October 17, because government.  Private dispensaries, meanwhile, are being raided.

Tomorrow twelve NSLC stores will be selling cannabis: two in Halifax and one each in Amherst, Dartmouth, Lower Sackville, New Glasgow, Sydney River, Truro, Yarmouth, New Minas, Bridgewater and Antigonish.  Online sales through the NSLC will also be available.

According to NovaNewsNow, you the legal aid for buying and possessing up to 30 grams of marijuana in Nova Scotia will be the same as the drinking age: 19 years.  If you’re 18 or under, or if you provide the demon weed to a minor, you can still face criminal charges.   Smoke-free rules apply to marijuana just like tobacco, so bad news for Haligonians looking to toke in public.

And if you want to enter the United States, admitting your marijuana use could get you barred from the country.   Eight states and Washington, DC beat Canada to legalizing it for recreational use, but the drug war continues on a federal level.

I’m not going to encourage people to go out and smoke marijuana, but in my two decades or practicing law I haven’t seen it destroy lives the way alcohol does.  I think regulating it and taxing it makes much more sense than waging a futile war against it.

And now, some celebratory music:

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