The Vaxxed Question

A highly controversial, heavily criticized and allegedly harmful and offensive movie is being shown in the Halifax area. But enough about Doolittle. Let’s talk about Vaxxed II: The People’s Truth:

Halifax says it will not cancel the upcoming screening of an anti-vaccination film at a municipal facility later this month.

A spokesperson for the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) said the Banquet Room in the LeBrun Recreation Centre on Jan. 31 was originally booked by an individual for $345.

“After the booking, it came to the municipality’s attention that the individual was representing an organization,” Maggie-Jane Spray said in an email.

The film, Vaxxed II: The People’s Truth, promotes the unfounded claim that vaccines cause autism or other developmental problems, which they refer to as “vaccine injuries.”


Multiple studies, including one that involved nearly every child born in Denmark over an 11-year period, have shown that there is no link between autism and vaccination.

The original study that sparked the debunked claim was published in the journal the Lancet in 1998 by Andrew Wakefield and linked the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine to autism.

The publication of the study led to a widespread increase in the number of parents choosing not to vaccinate their children for fear of its link to autism.

But Wakefield’s findings have since been widely rejected and the Lancet formally retracted the study in 2010, due to serious flaws and an undisclosed conflict of interest.

I don’t think the city should cancel the screening. In a free society, public spaces like libraries shouldn’t be open only to those with views acceptable to the government. That’s an open door for all kinds of abuse by the state.

These guys should be free to speak their piece about vaccines, and I in turn should be free to tell them their uneducated potatoes who apparently believe a child is better dead than autistic. Which, as the parent of a child on the autism spectrum, is something I take personally.

There is absolutely no evidence that vaccines cause autism, and Andrew Wakefield, the “doctor” who first made this conspiracy theory socially acceptable is a sociopathic con artist. And guess who’s in this movie, alongside nepotism poster child RFK Junior?

2 thoughts on “The Vaxxed Question

  1. Elgin Marko says:

    Wakefield was conclusively debunked a long time ago. But stopping people from informing themselves about his views, regardless of their motives, isn’t going to stop parents from choosing not to vaccinate. It would make more sense to better inform parents about the diseases for which we vaccinate. E.g. how many parents know what diphtheria really is? What does measles look like? I discussed this with my several autistic children before they decided to be vaccinated. (And yes, we were all Autists long before getting the needle.) We have had persons with autistic-type neurology in our family for generations (i.e., before vaccines) and we don’t agree with the portrayal of autism as merely a problem. The autism-type people whom I know are also exceptionally sensitive, brilliant, unusually caring and responsible for others, and capable in their respective fields, yet all that seems to matter socially is whether or not we appear normal. It makes sense that being exceptional in some areas would limit abilities in other (usually social?) areas. The apparent unwillingness to see Spectrum persons as anything but disabled does nothing to discourage these vaccination fears, with serious public health consequences. Aside from improving access to sound health information, perhaps we should also revise our views of autism and take a moment to realize that autistic people aren’t necessarily that different from everyone else…despite our social differences. We may know autistic adults without realizing it.

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