Don’t take any moment for granted

On Saturday, Kobe Bryant congratulated LeBron James for passing him on the NBA’s all-time scoring list. On Sunday he was gone, alongside his 13 year-old daughter and seven others.

Kobe was 41 years old. Four years younger than me.

When I heard the shocking news, I remembered the Daily Stoic article I’d received by email last week:

I took my younger son to his Jr. NBA program on Saturday, and while I was fiddling with my phone camera to take a picture of him taking a shot, I didn’t even see if he’d scored. There’s a lesson there.

One thought on “Don’t take any moment for granted

  1. Em says:

    Very true and something that one becomes particularly aware of as a parent of young adult autistic men. Sometimes those meant to protect them – police, security – can pose the greatest risk as young disabled persons can attract the attention of law enforcement personnel not trained to recognize them as disabled. At this stage of life, young people need freedom to be out on their own – yet as a parent it’s difficult to rest easy until they are safely home. It’s a fine line to tread that requires a balance of constant awareness how seriously things can go wrong in a heartbeat, while knowing when to trust that everything will be all right.

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