The Community Volunteer Tax Program

I often deal with clients who haven’t prepared their tax returns because they don’t know what to do, or they can’t afford an accountant or tax preparation service. It’s a massive pain, especially when they have to file statements of income with the court. So I was intrigued by this CBC News report:

The federal government is on an urgent search for more volunteers to help with a program that completes free tax returns for people with modest incomes, after it was forced to turn some families away in Nova Scotia last year.

The Canada Revenue Agency is willing to train people who want to complete simple tax returns, even if they’re only available to help for one day out of the entire tax season.


The Community Volunteer Income Tax Program helps people with modest incomes, which is defined by different income levels and depends on the size of the family. A family of four earning $50,000 or less would qualify, as long as they have a simple tax return.

CRA places volunteers in community centres, churches and libraries across the country. 

Last year, 33,000 Nova Scotians took advantage of the service.

I just signed up. You can do so at this link.

One thought on “The Community Volunteer Tax Program

  1. Em says:

    I had been abstractly thinking about this (as I always do my family’s tax returns) but was unaware that it is open to non-accountants. Thank you for posting the link.

    If you ever chance upon an opportunity to use *writing* skills to help someone – specifically in fields that the average person would struggle with……please do post it… 🙂

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