If at first you don’t succeed…

Ford isn’t reviving the Esdel. Theranos won’t be coming back. And except for a brief appearance at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s unlikely Marvel will make another Howard the Duck movie.

But Vince McMahon, bless him, is reviving a football league that failed spectacularly in 2001.

The one thing everyone remembers about the original XFL.

Here’s a YouTube video about the new XFL, the long, sad history of spring football leagues, and some signs McMahon might have learned from the mistakes made nineteen years ago.

Some of these rule changes (including a 25-second play clock and a football version of the NHL shootout in overtime) sound intriguing, and the new XFL might find its niche in giving players too young for the NFL a chance to get paid instead of making money for bloated university athletic departments and the hopelessly corrupt and exploitative NCAA. I wouldn’t put any money on XFL 2.0 lasting, but I’ll give it a chance starting this weekend.

By the way, the most promising attempt at a spring NFL competitor was the USFL, which hung around for three seasons in the early eighties. And guess who drove that one into the ground?

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