Some take a knee to protest, others bend the knee to submit

This man was considered the future of the Republican Party, once. Now he’s defending his God-Emperor having protesters (and allegedly actual clergy) tear-gassed so he could have a photo-op holding a Bible as awkwardly as Michael Jackson kissed Lisa Marie Presley.

Trump’s opponent this fall, acting like an actual leader, met with demonstrators in person and talked to them.

But I want to go back even further, to another time when the United States of America was at war with himself. The President back then was loathed passionately by his political opponents. I’m sure death threats flooded into the White House every day. And then a shooting by authorities inflamed tensions even further.

But that President nevertheless went to the Lincoln Memorial one night, without a heavy security presence, and spent two hours talking to anti-government protesters and hearing their concerns.

That President’s name was Richard Milhous Nixon.

Update: speaking of Tricky Dick…

2 thoughts on “Some take a knee to protest, others bend the knee to submit

  1. M says:

    It’s hard to believe that Trump can manage to look even MORE ridiculous than he already has on many previous occasions. But the sight of him walking out like a cheap replica of a big military man, flanked by his not-so-certain staff…followed by the speech which has so little to do with what he should actually be talking about…a cheap publicity stunt at a historical church, a place so clearly unrelated to anything he stands for…comes across as a theatrical act by a self-absorbed fool who knows little to nothing about the past and present significance of the places, people and events around him, and lacks any real awareness of exactly how he appears to others.
    Top it off with the constant side-to-side twitching as he speaks; the every-inch-the devout-believer way he shakily hoists that Bible > and his use of force to drive people away for a mere *photo op* when a decent person would have postponed such an event under the circumstances…does he really have no idea at all how all of this makes him look?
    Apparently not. Indeed, the concepts of service to others, awareness and true competence might be quite foreign to his vocabulary.
    Rector Gerbasi has every right to be irate. Both Gerbasi and Bishop Budde summed it up succinctly. (
    In some ways, it’s no surprise at all that American people are shooting each other when they seem to be effectively without a leader.

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