False equivalence

Senator Mitt Romney is taking heat for a statement in which he compares Donald Trump’s behavior and rhetoric to that of Keith Olbermann (who may have been fired from his own YouTube channel by the time this has been posted).

I agree that there’s absolutely no comparison. Once of these men is a pompous blowhard with authoritarian tendencies and a grossly inflated belief in his own intelligence, and who has turned off everyone he’s ever worked with and appeals only to a dwindling, fanatical cult following. The other is President of the United States.

One thought on “False equivalence

  1. M says:

    Oh, no resemblance at all 8-; ;p

    …(not sure why Olbermann seems to think it’s a good idea to oppose a rude, questionable, name-calling President by being nasty himself. How does THAT ever solve anything? ……yet it’s precisely the sort of behaviour that seems to come with thinking that one is smarter than everyone else. And that is always the start of such people’s downfall.

    (There is justice in the world, even if it takes a lot of patience to wait for it at times.)

    Glad to see Mitt speaking up at last. I’ll admit to being rather disappointed when he supported nominating Barrett before the election.

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