Is 2020 Trump’s 1993?

With less than one month before Election Day, this is not what a Republican candidate wants the Drudge Report to look like:

This is not what he wants the Five Thirty Eight election prediction to look like:

And with the crucial senior-citizen vote in the balance, this isn’t what a normal candidate would want going out in his name. But we’re not dealing with a “normal” candidate, are we?

Everyone understandably compares this election to previous American Presidential contests, but I wonder if the best comparison might be to the Canadian federal election in 1993. When an unpopular gaffe-prone incumbent political party based its entire campaign on the opposition leader being “old” and “out of touch.” And ultimately resorted to television commercials which looked like they were making fun of his facial deformity, ultimately destroying whatever pockets of support they had left.

The mighty Progressive Conservative Party of Canada was reduced to two seats in the House of Commons, never really recovered in subsequent elections, and was ultimately forced into a merger of unequals with the Reform Party/Canadian Alliance.

The Republican Party will not meet that fate in 2020 – only one-third of the Senate is up for grabs this year, and in deeply polarized America the GOP still has plenty of strongholds – but Republican strategists must be getting very nervous when polling from Georgia – Georgia! – looks like this:

In Georgia, Biden leads 51 – 44 percent among likely voters, while 4 percent are undecided. On September 29th, the race for the White House was too close to call when Biden had 50 percent support and Trump had 47 percent support. The September survey was taken before the first presidential debate and the president’s COVID-19 diagnosis.


Today, Democrat Jon Ossoff leads Republican incumbent Senator David Perdue 51 – 45 percent, while 3 percent are undecided. This compares to a virtual tie in late September when Ossoff had 49 percent and Perdue had 48 percent.

One thought on “Is 2020 Trump’s 1993?

  1. M says:

    It’s odd how closely bullying behaviour follows a fixed track, regardless of whether it’s a British Settlement wife beater or a cognitively impaired old creep too used to getting his way or – the President (oh, how that sounds so wrong even in writing) of the US.

    The funny thing is, they don’t know when to stop. One could be forgiven for thinking that this might be related to the fact that while they are good at their con, that’s the only trick they have. A person without real human connection is ultimately a very lonely thing. Nobody is going to give them a kind word or helpful hint because they don’t deserve it and probably wouldn’t listen anyway. Their self-inflicted isolation cuts them off not only from the support, but also the insights and knowledge of anyone who could actually help them (ie anyone who is not also a die-hard fanatic). Give, and ye shall receive. It holds true regardless of whether we are considerate of others or merely treat them as pawns made to serve us.

    So, when the going gets rough, there’s nothing to do but keep stumbling along the same well-worn track, hoping for different outcomes. It works for a while, but not indefinitely.

    Trump’s behaviour is catching up to him. One can fervently hope that it will do so conclusively in the upcoming election, and that his downfall will occur peacefully. Too many people have been hurt by him already.

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