Can’t get enough Tiger King?

While we’re all stuck inside during a deadly pandemic, a Netflix documentary about insane people might be the only thing keeping us sane.

“Joe Exotic” himself is now in isolation because of COVID-19, because 2020.

If you’ve binge-watched the series and want even more, Texas Monthly and New York magazines both published longform articles about Joe last year. Both contain some details that didn’t make it into the documentary, including the fact that Joe Exotic did not actually write nor perform his own songs.

Yes, folks, I’m sad to say that Joe Exotic is the Milli Vanilli of tiger-themed country music.

Wondery also released a Joe Exotic podcast last year. They’ve since taken down the episodes but are re-releasing them one week at a time.

The only thing is, now that I’ve been through all this, what else can possibly keep me so entertained and fascinated during the lockdown?